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“Elissa is a Master of Self Care. If you want to feel better and are willing to do to the work, schedule a session with Elissa. She will help you.”


"With Elissa’s help, I changed my diet and lifestyle and my doctor took me off the medication that I was on for diabetes.”


" I am more conscious now and more aware. Thank you so much!”


“Thank you for helping me and my family. When my son was 6 months old I went to Elissa to help me learn how to make healthier food choices for my son. Now he is 5 years old and such a healthy boy! My family and I still go to her for support as needed.” 


“Elissa has been such a blessing to my life! With her knowledge, coaching skills & intuition it has opened me up & guided me to be in touch with my own! I have transformed my life with the tools she has taught me! Her unique coaching skills you cannot just find anywhere else. She has a special gift that makes working with her so natural and guided. She is so in-tune personally to me & my needs. Elissa has been a major source of growth for my wellness, career, relationships & spirituality! ”


“Elissa changed my life, I understand that she is not a behavioral therapist but her sessions are so therapeutic.”


Thank you for helping motivate me to get healthier. It’s time. I now see the importance of forgiveness. I forgave a family member the other day after years and I feel so much better and the relationship has transformed for the better. Your programs are so fun. They really brightened my day today! Your program was the best part of my day today. I never realized how what I eat and don’t eat can affect so much of my health. Thank you for helping me see the light. I’m so glad my blood sugar numbers are in a healthy range now thanks to your teaching. You make it fun while teaching us how to be healthy. Thank you for that.

“Elissa helped me identify the food allergies that nobody ever picked up on. I feel so much better and I feel so grateful!”


Thank you for helping me improve my blood sugars. I have done so well on your program, that my doctor had to take me off of my blood sugar medications. Headaches have subsided significantly after doing your program. My stomach upset has resolved and I feel so much better now that my gut is healthier. Thank you for helping me get my cholesterol under control without medication. My doctor was super happy with my progress in your program.


“I can say that Elissa Erman has helped me so much throughout the years…physically, emotionally, and mentally. She has given me tools that I can use to help better myself on a daily basis. I completely trust her. She has helped me to make better choices for myself. I’m very grateful to have Elissa Erman as a coach. Her tools gave me the education and strength that I needed to make myself into the healthier women that I am today. I have referred many people in my life to her including my mother, grandmother, and many friends. I was happy to connect them with her so they too could receive the amazing benefits that her coaching offers. To this day, I still call on her to guide me. I do it with complete confidence that her wisdom, care, and tools are Divine Gifts to be treasured. She does shine the light.”


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