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Universal Coaching Services, headquartered in South Florida, stands as a distinguished Wellness Company specializing in customized Health Education Programs designed for individuals aged 55 and above.  Our primary focus is on delivering educational and engaging public speaking events, coupled with lively and interactive brain game sessions, all aimed at enhancing the health and well-being of our participants.  We also offer both Individual and Group Wellness Coaching services.

Situated in Southeast Florida, our outreach extends to a diverse array of settings, including Residential Communities, Senior Centers, Senior Facilities (including Memory Cares and Rehabilitations), Medical Offices, conferences, churches, synagogues, government agencies, businesses, radio, TV, and more.  We have also embraced the virtual space, ensuring accessibility for all.

What sets us apart is our adaptability.  Each event is meticulously customized to the specific audience, ensuring relevance and resonance.  For instance, we can craft a lively “Name That Tune” event for residents at a 55+ community, as well as one tailored for residents in a Memory Care facility, and everything in between.  Explore our diverse Health Talk options on the "Public Speaking" page and discover our fun and interactive Brain Games on the "Interactive Brain Games" page.

Our offerings extend beyond the traditional, encompassing Lunch and Learns, Happy Hours, Morning Motivations, and much more!  Program costs can be covered by sponsors, making these valuable services accessible at no cost to participants.  Join us on the path to well-being and vibrant living, where education, engagement, and enjoyment converge!

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