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Experience transformative wellness speaking engagements, led by our experts, crafted to empower and enlighten.

Join us for an experience of knowledge, engagement, and joy, sparking positive change in an unforgettable event.

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Events can occur at various venues such as:  


Residential Communities, Senior Centers, Senior Facilities (Memory Cares and Rehabilitations 


Medical Offices, Conferences, Churches, Synagogues.

Government Agencies, Businesses, Radio, TV, Virtually, and more!


Healthy Eating Focus:

  • Healthy Eating for You!

  • Healthy Eating for Seniors!

  • Healthy Eating for Families!

  • Healthy Eating on a Budget!

  • The Power Of Smoothies (smoothie demo can be added)

  • Healing Herbs and Spices

  • Stay Hydrated!

  • The Healthiest Foods on the Planet

  • Healthy Snacking

  • The Truth about Salt

  • The Truth about the pH in Foods

  • Plant-Based Living

  • Healthy Holiday Eating

  • The Truth about Food Additives

Going for a Run

Body Wellness Focus:

  • Happy Healthy Heart

  • Caring for Diabetes

  • Healthy Weight

  • Brain Power 101!

  • A Healthier You!

  • The Power of Your Immune System

  • Wellness for All!

  • The Truth About Your Genes

  • Gut Health

  • The Brain-Gut Connection

  • Urinary Health 101


Mind Wellness Focus:

  • Passage to Peace (Stress Management)

  • The Power of Forgiveness

  • The Power of Love

  • Kindness for All

  • The Healing Benefits of Nature

  • Let’s Laugh!

  • Living with Passion and Purpose

  • Living an Empowered Life

  • Creating a Happy Life

  • Living a Joyful Life

Dog Owner

Additional Wellness Topics:

  • Healing Benefits of Music

  • Healthy Home, Healthy Family

  • The Healing Power of Colors

  • The Healing Benefits of Animals

  • Taking Care of Me

  • Tools for a Healthier Life

  • Let’s Celebrate

  • Get Energized

Fun Games Around Health:

  • Name That Tune (NTT) - Options include: 50’s & 60’s NTT, 50’s, 60’s & 70’s NTT, Motown NTT, Variety Music NTT, Music From The Movies NTT, TV Theme Songs NTT, Broadway NTT, Holiday NTT, and so much more!

  • Trivia – Option to request a specific category or enjoy a variety game

  • Music Bingo (MB) - Options include: 1950s MB, 1960s MB, 1970s MB, 1980s MB, 1990s MB, 2000 MB, Motown MB, and many more!  

  • Word Games

  • Smoothie Demo

  • Live Food Demo

  • And More!

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Ready to have Universal Coaching Services enhance your event? Have a specific topic in mind? Reach out, and let's craft a tailored presentation for your audience. Your wellness journey starts with a simple ask! Plus, inquire about sponsorship opportunities that may cover program costs, making it an enriching experience at no cost to you.

"Your talk was a great combination of education and entertainment, definitely edutainment. It was great!"


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